You stay classy Limerick.

Two women were arrested after getting into a brawl outside a school in Doon, Co. Limerick last week, according to The Indo. Both women were dropping kids off to school and creches when they got into a scrap at 9.15am, with a witness saying 'It was surreal, unbelievable. They just went at each other. Biting, scratching, pulling hair, kicking, everything, you name it.

'They were beating the heads off each other. The next thing the tops were pulled off each other and then a bra went flying through the air. You would think that this would have stopped them, but not a bit of it, they kept at it. It wasn't a few slaps either, this was vicious stuff. There was blood on the ground'

Apparently the two used to be bezzies but fell out, leading to the run in last week. Following their arrest they were released without charge. Hopefully sent straight to the largest lingerie department in Ireland that Ted got lost in.