A single mother from Limerick was caught out in a deal gone wrong for one of the hottest gifts this Christmas.

Speaking on yesterday's Liveline, the woman explained that she found the iPhone6 on DoneDeal and had made contact with the seller.

She arranged to travel to Heuston Station where she met an Irish man, with an accent that she claimed sounded like someone from Louth, to collect the iPhone6.

After inspecting the phone, the money was exchanged. 

The average price of a SIM-free iPhone 6 can range anything between €700 up to €1,000.

She left the station with her disabled son to collect a receipt from the man, who with the help of another man, switched the bag containing the iPhone6.

The bag she received contained a bag of sugar.

CCTV footage was acquired of the transaction and Gardai are investigating.

Speaking on RTE radio, DoneDeal's security liason Finbarr Garland said that customers should be wary if a deal seems too good to be true.

"One of the things in particular is to deal with people locally who you can meet in person, meet in a well-lit place and make sure you get the measure of the person."


via Independent.ie