Using the Irish weather to his advantage, Limerick's Wayne Madigan has found a great way to save a few quid. 

By now, we all know that water charges are coming our way, and there's no way around the fact that we'll have to fork over some extra dosh to foot the bills. 

That is, we thought there was no way around it, but Wayne Madigan of Garryowen has come up with a perfectly legal and environmentally friendly way to keep costs down as he awaits the first bill to come through the door in January.

Taking his shower gel, his rubber duck and (thankfully) his towel outside, he used the Irish weather to have a free shower, even washing his hair in the process. 

Pic via Wayne Madigan on Facebook

He posted the photographic evidence of his money-saving tactics on Facebook with the caption: "Cant charge me for this shower fu***rs", and while it's not the worst idea we've ever seen, we're not so sure that it was the most comfortable shower he's ever had either. 

Via The Limerick Leader