Hello Lily, hello Lily's boobs.

Miss Cole is getting up to all sorts of mischief in the new video for Sacrilege by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, including a lot of prancing about topless and in the company of various people. Now before you go all pious and self-righteous, it's not like she didn't know she was doing it. Plus she's a model who's used to these kind of things, and it is art at the end of the day. Things we learn from the video? Well the song's a cracker, Lily isn't actually that bad an actress when she doesn't have to do any talking, and she clearly has very little boundaries when it comes to her performance, getting it on with ladies and men (which we don't know if she's used to) and wearing very little altogether (which she's used to, as we said). Beats last time we saw her as a mermaid-demon-thing in Doctor Who.

Anyway, it's semi-tastefully done, nothing full frontal, but there is a significant amount of side-boob on show. Enough to set Michelle Mulherin off on one anyway. And also some pretty graphic Joan of Arc style sacrificing, so NSFW by quite a stretch.