Lily Allen got herself married over the weekend and it was a particularly joyous affair - and not just because she was happy to be papped from behind gravestones, or because the bosoms of her half sister, Sarah Owen, seemed determined to spring forth from her bodice, or because Lily's mother's various past partners are intermingled happily with the array of family members, or because bridesmaid Miquita Oliver's dress was slit salaciously high, or because this person went above and beyond the call of duty in the chipper department, or because the minister really enjoyed his fifteen minutes, or because the Gloucestershire setting was straight out of a fairy tale, complete with skipping flower girls....

No, this was a particularly joyous occasion because her new husband, Sam Cooper, announced that Lily is pregnant again. Sixteen weeks gone in fact.

A source speaking to The Mirror said: "It was so very, very touching - and totally the icing on the cake for them. The day was always going to be amazing, but when Sam said Lily was pregnant there wasn't a dry eye in the house. There were tears of joy for Lily and Sam."

The designer of Lily's lace ensemble (I'm not sure if she's also responsible for the Princess Leia inspired headdress/veil thingy), Delphine Manivet, added: "It's beautiful that she is pregnant, and I am very happy for her. You can see, of course, the little stomach - it looked very cute with the dress."

After suffering a miscarriage with the child she was carrying for ex boyfriend Ed Simons in 2008, and losing her unborn baby with Cooper after six months last year, it's something of an understament to say Lily really is due the very best of luck in the pregnancy department.