Although the story's gone quiet ever since Nicole Appleton publicly tweeted about it last month, everyone's been waiting to see if Lily Allen would have her say on the whole Liam Gallagher mid-air story that's been doing the rounds for several years.

In a decidedly frank interview with The Guardian, Allen said that she's "never said one thing (to suggest that). I literally have never said anything," and pointed out that she never said anything when the story first ran nine years ago.

"And now Nicole Appleton, bless her, she’s reacted to it. So that’s made it seem real. Now my Twitter feed is: ‘Oh, stupid attention seeker, she just wants another minute in the limelight.’ But I literally haven’t said anything. I haven’t even liked a tweet. Nothing."

Will this stop Appleton from confronting Allen? Is Paddy McGuinness' wife still involved somehow? Where is Liam Gallagher in all of this? Why are people talking about a story that happened nine years ago?


Via Guardian