Proper order. There's plenty of us bungling about the place giving ourselves a really hard time needlessly, so if you can employ the talents of a therapist all the better.

The singer, who has 2-year-old Ethel and 15-month-old Marnie with husband Sam Cooper, claims speaking to a therapist helps her with "complicated relationships" and admits the busier she is, the more she struggles.

She told "I had a session last week for the first time in a year. It helps get my relationships in order. I have quite a lot of complicated relationships. Lots of weird co-dependencies. And when I'm busy, things happen. I get quite confused about my place. I sometimes need someone to tell me I'm not a bad person."

The 29-year-old singer - who previously checked into The Priory after suffering depression - admitted she has had issues with troublesome friends, and the pressure of relaunching her career after a four-year break "got a bit much", prompting her to seek help.

She continued: "I try to mother everyone. And trying to do that while relaunching a pop career and looking after two children got a bit much for a minute. I'd been so manic."

Lily lost her godfather, musician Roger Pomphrey to liver cancer in January, which inspired her to quit smoking and she is hoping never to go back to the habit.

She explains: "I looked at my cigarette and thought, 'What am I doing?' I want to do it as best I can. I don't want to be a smoky-cokey mum. I hope I can keep it up - it just kills you."

She also sees dabbling with drugs and booze as "distractions" which can lead to rather sticky situations: "No one would ever say I'm at my best when I'm really high. It's never as glamorous as it looks. It's fun, until 2am. I never once woke up and thought, 'God, I had such a good chat with that person at 5am - I'm so glad I had unprotected sex with them."