The whirlwind romance of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson has made headlines of late, but it's also got a number of people reasonably unconvinced - one of them being Seth Rogen.

After all, there's something just a little... too much about it. Sure, it's sweet and it's all very wholesome and who doesn't like seeing people in love? Still, it's just all a bit unconvincing when you consider they've barely been dating a couple of weeks and they're all ready at the getting engaged-publicly declaring their love for one another.

Take a look and note Seth Rogen in the middle of it.


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Of course, it could all just be that Pete Davidson can't believe his luck and that he's just delighted with himself - who wouldn't? But is there anything more real than someone looking at that situation and thinking, "Guys, come on."

Moreover, how odd is it that it's Seth Rogen who's the voice of reason in all this?