Food artist Annabel de Vetten has made a life sized cake resembling Dexter actor Michael C Hall to mark the launch of TV show's last ever season... giving a whole new meaning to "I'd murder a slice of cake."

It's exactly 5'10" in height - the same as real life non-cake-based actor and it took her 100 hours to make. Unlike Michael C Hall, however, the cake contains 24 eggs, 20 blood oranges, 25kg of flour, 16kg of buttercream, 18 kg of sugar and 20kg of sugar paste and marzipan.

Emma Thomas the creator of the original "let’s make a massive Dexter cake concept" had this to say about the final product:

"The cake is so life like that cutting into it was a deeply unpleasant experience, and I did have to close my eyes. I have to admit though I wish we could have kept the cake whole as it's always sad destroying a work of art. Although, I would have had no idea where I would have kept him!"

What's next for Annabel? Who knows... Anyone for a piece of Hannibal cake?