Tomorrow is Saturday which means X Factor night, woooop *swivels round on chair*. Maybe it would be wise to watch it on Sunday though, seen as your doorbell will have its busiest shift with all the trick or treaters. Not sure what the theme this week but, according to a few sources, Cher Lloyd will be singing a ballad in the hope to wow viewers. Eventually, I was wondering when she would. This will most definitely show off her singing capability and we will be able to cage how she'll do on big band night and I've been saying lately, I think she may struggle on that night. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong tomorrow.

In other news, the contestants went along to see Tinie Tempah in concert, which delighted Cher. But one certain boy band member face planted the floor right in front of the rapper, scarleh. Liam Payne, was in pain, after he tripped over an amplifier and was seen being carried out of the venue, as he could hardly walk on his foot. He took to his Twitter to tweet this " What a doofus! Fell over on stage in front of Tinie Tempah.... so uncool. Lol." Yes Liam, that is so uncool, you should get an award for that. In more serious and pressing matters though, it now leaves One Direction's performance up s**t creek. The boys are rumoured to be singing an upbeat song involving dancing and at rehearsals, Liam had to sit it out and watch from the sideline. If his ankle doesn't improve, then the five piece will have to change their song at the last minute. I'm sure he'll be fine and he'll be up on stage, giving it socks and when the VT is played, they will show his injury, in the hope to pull the sympathy card. Or, maybe I'm just being a little sceptical.

-Alicia Coyle

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