Liam Gallagher has reignited his feud with Robbie Williams branding the pop star a 'fat idiot' who doesn't deserve to be playing stadiums. Nice.

The rocker believes Robbie shouldn't have been allowed to play four nights at the Etihad Stadium - the home of his beloved soccer team Manchester City - this week and insists his new band Beady Eye should be rocking on the pitch.

Speaking to radio station 5 Live, he fumed: 'We should be playing the Etihad three nights (sic), not some f***ing fat f***ing idiot. It could be any f***ing clown. I think it's a shame that he's doing three nights and a band like us are doing one night in The Ritz. Poor. It's not about him, it's people in general. But it is about f***ing him, just in case you think I'm scared or something.'

Liam played for 1,500 fans at The Ritz in Manchester on Wednesday night, while Robbie - supported by Olly Murs - stepped out on stage in front of 60,000.

However, the 'Flick of the Finger' singer insists he's not bothered about doing smaller shows with Beady Eye, because he has already performed at stadiums across the world.

He added: 'It's a small gig. Beady Eye ain't a big band. Everyone thinks we're going to announce big f***ing stadiums. That (The Ritz) is the level we're at and we'll stay at that until you pull your f***ing finger out and buy the f***ing records. Beady Eye are a proper live band but the bulls**t is winning.'

Liam and Robbie have been feuding for almost 20 years, after they fell out shortly after the 'Angels' singer partied with the rocker and his brother Noel Gallagher at the 1995 Glastonbury festival.

Noel famously branded Robbie 'that fat dancer from Take That', leading to Robbie sending a wreath to Oasis after hearing their panned 2000 album 'Standing On The Shoulder of Giants' prompting Liam to say he was going to 'break his f***ing nose'.

The feud reached new heights at the BRIT Awards in 2000 when Robbie challenged Liam to have a prize fight for £100,000 as he collected a prize on stage.

Despite their feud, Robbie has admitted to being a fan of Liam and Oasis and even bought Beady Eye's new album 'BE'.

He previously said: 'I love Oasis. I was a big fan of their music, vibe and energy. I happened to know them and knock about with them for a little while. I don't think I was their cup of tea ... Liam's voice was the voice of a generation and Noel seemed to be writing the songs of a generation ... It was very, very exciting, high-octane stuff.'