The man is just such a juxtaposed contradiction of our times. When asked about email, Liam said; "Nah. I just... nah. I don't do anything. Me missus (the very lucky Nicole Appleton) uses it. I don't get e-mail. I wouldn't know how to do anything like that. It's sort of like, I can get on eBay and look at things." Goooood Liam, goooood. Baby steps. He's not letting his fear of email hinder him however. When asked if whether he would have preferred his band's last single to be released on vinyl, rather than download, he said: "Yeah, totally, but f*** knows man. I suppose you've got to move with the times." So there you go, Liam Gallagher, probably the only man on the planet who only uses the internet to look at attractive objects on eBay... Although the first sentence he uttered hums of cover up.