As this article is being typed, Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton are getting a "quickie divorce."

The Mirror reports that the recently separated couple are second on a list of hearings at London's High Court this morning: "Documents filed at London’s High Court appear to show the pair’s case is the second in a list of 12 divorce hearings set to start at 10am, stating: 'Appleton N M v Gallagher L J P”."

Their marriage came to something of an abrupt halt when Liam informed his wife of 6 of years (partner of 14) that he was shacking up with his one time band manager, Debbie Gwyther. He'd been reportedly seeing the 31-year-old for 5 months before he plucked up the balls to let his wife know he wanted a divorce. He chose to do this over the phone while he was in Ibiza and she was over the other side of the planet in Florida, holidaying with her sisters. Thoughtful.

Apparently it's her split with Liam that we have to thank for the resurrection of All Saints. The noughties girl band - who were all about the boob tubes and the Carhartt baggies - are currently supporting The Backstreet Boys on tour.

Robbie Williams sticks his oar in regarding the demise of Liam Gallagher's marriage.