The Mayor of New York must've been most grateful for U2's inexplicable snow shunting on Monday; he's only gone and given them their own road. Albeit temporarily. West 53rd Street (which is suitably prominent) will also be known as U2 Way to, well, U2 and perhaps some of their fans. We doubt the abundance of taxi men will go so far as to pay heed to the name change, but isn't it nice that an Irish band has had something named after them at all? C'mon, don't be a curmudgeonly herd of begrudgers - you don't see Westlife, Enya or wee Daniel getting New Yorkian thoroughfares named after them. And, let's face it, that's what (according to record sales) this country's left with if U2 were omitted from the popular music equation. OK, so Van Morrison might get a nod, but he's hardly teeming with the charisma required for such events; he'd probably tell the mayor to go shove the sign sideways up his hole.

Yesterday's unveiling happened alongside the second installment of their weeklong gig on Letterman.