The 67-year-old actor died after an incident with his car on Monday morning.

67-year-old actor and ray of sunshine Leslie Jordan passed away yesterday morning. It is believed that he suffered a medical emergency while driving his car in Hollywood and crashed into the side of a building.

Jordan was an actor, writer and singer who was best known for his roles in 'Will & Grace', 'American Horror Story', 'Star Trek', 'The Help', 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and 'Ugly Betty'.

Known for his comedic timings and kind-hearted nature, he became an internet sensation during 2020 when he began posting videos of himself bored in Lockdown.

When the news broke late last night, the internet came to a standstill as tributes began to pour in for the late star.

The 4 ft 9 in actor has been remembered by his dear friends, colleagues, and fans. Due to his affectionate and honest nature, he became a gay icon for many in the LGBTQ+ community.

Here is a round-up of some of the most touching tributes being shared for Leslie Jordan, including his 'Will & Grace' co-stars Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes. Mullally played Karen in the sitcom, whose sworn enemy was Jordan's character Beverly Leslie. She wrote that she had just been with him last month, and that he was "a friendly, fun-loving, dear person".

She concluded the touching post by saying: "there will never ever be another you."

RIP Leslie Jordan. ❤️