If countless articles posted on Twitter are to be believed, Leonardo is "channeling his inner Wolf" and pretty much tearing Brazil a new one.

First of all, he's borrowed a $400million dollar 'superyacht' off an Arabian Royal (a friend of his by the name of - wait for it - Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan bin Zayed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan). Apparently it's one of the world's largest private yachts and boasts "three swimming pools, a gym, Jacuzzi, fitness hall, cinema and helipad."

Said Helipad is obviously coming in handy given he's reportedly also flying in women across the globe to spend this special time with him. According to (uncorroborated source) UniLadMag.com he reportedly "flew in 30 girls from different parts of the world and then combined them with another 50 women he met at a nightclub, that he personally rented out for himself, ordered the dearest champagne he could find then took everyone back to his £400 million Yacht."

Leo, just keeping it real.

Via Twitter