Irony is a strange and sometimes cruel mistress, and so it goes for Leonardo DiCaprio.

The one-time Oscar winner just so happened to spending his Christmas on St. Barths when it's been reported that he saved a man from drowning after he'd been treading water for 11 hours. DiCaprio's boat diverted to look for the man, who had apparently fallen overboard from a cruise ship earlier in the day.

Per reports, the man was pulled to safety aboard DiCaprio's boat just as a massive rainstorm blew in the area, which would have surely doomed the man to a watery grave. As well as this, DiCaprio's boat was the only one in the area that was looking for the man, with the captain of the boat describing it as a "billion to one shot" that they found him at all.

Of course, the irony is that DiCaprio became globally recognised for playing Jack in James Cameron's historical romance epic, 'Titanic', where he played a young man who eventually died by drowning. Not only that, Brad Pitt made reference to that fact in his Golden Globes acceptance speech just the other day.

And just for posterity, here's that scene in question from 'Titanic'. He could have easily gotten on the raft.