If there's one way to announce your arrival on a social media platform, it's by donning a massive scarf for your first post.

Okay, maybe that approach will only work if you're Lenny Kravitz.

The rock star went viral in 2012 with his enormous scarf/blanket, which became one of the biggest fashion memes of the decade - and now he's gotten it out of storage for his first post on Tik Tok, to herald the new season of autumn.

His post, which showed him walking through a park, saw him say: "Grab your big scarf, it’s the first day of fall."

As for the scarf itself?

@lennykravitz It’s the first day of fall. #autumn #scarves #LennyKravitz ♬ original sound - Lenny Kravitz

The original scarf picture was snapped in New York in 2012, and Kravitz told Jimmy Fallon in 2018 that he was protecting his throat from the cold snap, as he usually lives in the Bahamas. "I had to go to the store,” he said. "I was buying some groceries and I thought I’d put on a little scarf to protect my throat, and that’s the scarf I had."

He added: "That was the day I thought I would break it out, and I had no idea that there would be paparazzi and that is now everything. Here’s the thing about the internet though that’s the problem — the scarf keeps getting bigger, and bigger and bigger."

It seems that he was attached enough to hold onto the scarf/blanket, though - and the Tik Tok has already been watched over 5 million times in just a few days.