Heath Ledgers Uncle Haydn has spewed to the press about how the late Brokeback Mountain star may have a child. Apparently when he was 17, he had a relationship with a 25 year old woman in Perth Australia; after Ledger broke up with the women, she reportedly discovered she was up the duff. The (quite probably creepy) Uncle spewed to the Sydney Daily Telegraph: "There is a very real possibility that Heath was the father". I hate to piss on your chips there Haydn, but wouldn’t this relationship and subsequent offspring have come to light before now - if it was true that is? And what of this woman, who is married with a family of her own now. She’ll surely be delighted with all this hoopla that may cause her child an abundance of anguish, and probable years of expensive therapy. Is Uncle Haydn by any chance overly fond of mind-altering beverages? Or is he just a gobs***e? Rhetorical questions dear reader as I think we all know the answer. Let your nephew rest in peace and be remembered for the fine actor he was, not children he may or may not have fathered when he was an overly sexed teen.