Now here's a coupling that isn't in the least bit shocking… apparently Heath Ledger is letting Lindsay Lohan do things to him. The 'Mean Girls' star - who split from her snowboarder boyfriend Riley Giles last week - is said to have enjoyed a number of late-night sex sessions with the Australian actor after meeting him at New York's Beatrice Inn over Thanksgiving weekend. A source told Australia's New Weekly magazine: "Lindsay and Heath hit it off straight away. When she left the club she started texting him straight away and they hooked up a few times while she was still in New York. They were meeting late at night for sex. It was purely physical." Ew. In fairness, given recent reports that his personal hygiene has taken a nosedive since splitting with Michelle Williams, who else would rub up against him? That same Thanksgiving weekend the actor was seen carrying his daughter through a subway station and his presence caused something of a stir. One witness said; "He was pushing past the crowds on a staircase and I got quite a whiff. He smelled pretty unwashed. His jacket has clearly never seen the inside of a washing machine. He seemed to be going for the hobo-chic look!"