It was a hectic few days for LeBron's neighbours as he dragged out his decision on where he would go, and the media and police were in full attendance outside his house.

As a result of all that commotion (which has died down now that he announced his return to Cleveland) the residents of his area were probably a little bit put out, with plenty of extra traffic and police barricades, as well as photographers and cameramen recording the house 24/7. 

While they might have been a annoyed, LeBron and his family decided to make sure there wasn't too much of an uproar by sending a dozen cupcakes to all of his neighbours.

There were two flavours of the fairly luxurious-looking treats given in the box, one was Cherry Cola and one was Chocoalate Chunk, both given some novel names to do with his decision to return to his homewotn in the accompanying note.

The neighbours seemed pretty happy with the gesture, and it certianly won LeBron a few fans back. However, we have our suspicions that perhaps his wife Savannah may have reminded him that he'd need to send them something, rather than him coming up with the idea himself.

Via ForTheWin