Unless you're living under a rock or are somehow blessed with the ability to filter out all Trump-related news from your life (and if so, please share your gift with us), you'll know that CBS's 60 Minutes was set to air an interview with adult film star Stormy Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, about her alleged 2006 affair with Donald Trump last night and while there were some hairy moments, like Clifford alleging that she was threatened to stay quiet about Trump, the rest of it was pretty much a gross-out laugh-fest.

There's a lot in it but really everything you need to know can be gleaned from Twitter's reaction, which includes Cooper's attempts to not laugh when Clifford describes spanking Trump on the ass with a copy of Forbes magazine, and when she declared that Trump once told her she reminded him of his daughter. Yup, that happened too.

Yes, this is real life now and no, we can't believe it either.