Dealing with photographers at events, such as premieres or launches, is a part of life when you work in the public eye.

It's not always the case that celebrities and television personalities specifically court photographers, but it's something that can't be denied and often comes with a certain amount of awkwardness. Many people simply don't want it, but have to accept it as part of their daily lives.

While returning to South Africa for filming of 'Love Island', Laura Whitmore was confronted by a paparazzo in Cape Town Airport, meeting up with her partner Iain Stirling for the first time since Caroline Flack's death. In a video posted to Twitter, Whitmore can be seen trying to explain to the paparazzo that she doesn't want her photo taken, and that her friend has just died. The paparazzo doesn't seem to move off as Whitmore clearly states that she's upset, before he starts up again taking photos.

Here's the video itself.

In a text post after the video, Whitmore explained that she had asked him to stop as he had what he wanted. According to Whitmore, the paprazzo then "asked for a reaction", and said that it was "a public place and I can take photos if I want."

"I don't like attacking people but we need to call people out when they do things like this. Iain (Stirling) and I just wanted some privacy."

To Whitmore's credit, she didn't name the paparazzo and as you can see in the short video, he continued on taking photos even though they specifically asked him not to. You've got to wonder what kind of newspaper outlet would run such photos, but here we are.