Given this is a Friday coming up to Christmas, it might not surprise you to find out that Irish people drink a lot of beer.

A recent study from Euromonitor has shown that us Europeans are the biggest beer drinkers in the world, and, as you might expect, Ireland are pretty high up on the list of top ten countries when it comes to consumption per person. 

We're not drinking the most beer in the world, however, as that particular honour goes to China, who have put away 54 billion litres, but mainly thanks to their large population, so that ends up working out at a rather moderate 4 litres per person on average.

When it's broken down to what each person drinks on average per year, the European countries come out on top, with the Czech Republic (which we recently learned was the home of modern slavery) downing a whopping 143 litres per person. Germany sits in second place with 110 litres, while neighbours Austria weren't too far behind on 108. 

Ireland sits in sixth, with the calculations showing that we drink approximately 93 litres of beer, and the rest of the top 10 is also composed of our European pals. 

Top 10 countries in the world listed in order of highest beer consumption per head: 

1. Czech Republic: 143 liters (1.5 billon liters)
2. Germany: 110 liters (8.9 billion liters)
3. Austria: 108 liters (920 million liters)
4. Estonia: 104 liters (135 million liters)
5. Poland: 100 liters (3.8 billion liters)
6. Ireland: 93 liters (430 million liters)
7. Romania: 90 liters (1.8 billion liters)
8. Lithuania: 89 liters (260 million liters)
9. Croatia: 82 liters (346 million liters)
10. Belgium: 81 liters (900 million liters)

Speaking to Business Insider, Spiros Malandrakis, a senior analyst at Euromonitor, said that while that sounds like a huge amount of beer, the numbers are actually falling: "It's been declining for a while as consumers get older and the core demographic - the working class - is struggling, On top of that, you have consumers slowly moving into spirits, especially younger consumers".

He also added that craft beers were not included in the stats as they're still considered small scale beer production, so we could be drinking a little bit more than the figures show. 

Via Business Insider