The latest Ipsos/MRBI poll in The Irish Times today shows that the 'Yes' vote has a commanding lead, although the gap has narrowed since the last time voters were surveyed. 

According to the latest stats, the 'Yes' camp looks as though it's headed for a large win, with a 70% share of the vote according to the polls. However, that is a slight decrease of four points since the last poll was taken in March, and the 'No' campaign's 30% share is up four points. 

When asked earlier this week, 58% of people indicated that they would be voting 'Yes' (down six points since the last poll), and 25% said that they would be backing a 'No' vote, which represented a jump of two points in the polls. 17% said that they were undecided on the issue or that they would not be voting at all, which is an increase of five points. 

Even with that, the 'No' camp would need what has been described as a "seismic shift" to win the referendum, while the second referendum due to take place next Friday on the issue of lowering the presidential age from 35 to 21 looks set to be heavily defeated, with 73% saying they will vote 'No'. 

Via The Irish Times