Charlie Sheen's public relations team are working overtime this week. Following last week's reports that MaSheen was embroiled in a sex n' drugs scandal at a New York hotel when he was found naked and delirious and allegedly with "cocaine on his face", with a porn star hiding in a closet, there are numerous stories about Chuck hitting the wires this morning.

Firstly, TMZ is reporting that Sheen's manager has gone as far as coming out to say that no, Charlie Sheen will not die this week, calling reports which suggest this "wreckless lies". Mark Burg, the man charged with controlling Sheen's career, said he called over to Sheen's house recently to check on the Two and a Half Men star, where he found him sitting down "eating a Turkey sandwich", apparently his natural state. Burg continued that Sheen planned on staying in last night and handing out sweets to Halloween trick or treaters, but perhaps his client would look far more ghoulish than anyone who would call to the door.

That's not the only Sheen news of the day though. is reporting that Charlie's extended family in Tipperary are trying to get him to come over and recuperate there and exorcise any personal demons he may have. Charlie's cousin, Teresa Phelan, was quoted as saying "it's a much quieter life down here and he could walk around without being bothered by anybody. He needs to look after his health and avoid the limelight. Living here for a while would be good a good thing for him to do."

Yes. Tipperary. That's certainly a place to avoid the limelight, no doubt about it.

-John Balfe