Do you have the Facebook app constantly open on your phone? Are you checking your Twitter every five minutes? You're not alone...

The latest figures from an IPsos MRBI poll have revealed just how many of us are on are social media on a daily basis, and by the sounds of it, it's you and everyone you know, plus their parents and a few other people that you've never heard of plus that cat that you follow who lives down the road and somehow has a Facebook page. 

I mean, you know it's not the cat doing any of the actual updates, you're willing to accept that, but it's still written as though it were the cat, which is kind of funny in a way, you guess, but you're actually still a bit undecided on it. Could the cat really have these thoughts? What does the cat do all day anyway? You wish you could just lob a GoPro on it and really see what it's up to, but for now the social media updates will do. For now. 

Anyway, here are the figures: 

They even have a little chart for us all to see a few of the other types of social media platforms that are being used, including Instagram and Google +.

So it turns out Irish people have taken to social media like bacon to cabbage, who knew?