Once again, its the day before Valentine's Day and not only have you yet to buy a present, you also don't have a clue what to get the lady in your life. 

First of all, well done, obviously. Secondly, you've come to the right place. Even though it is called the Man Cave and is normally stuff about men, we've reached out to the lovely ladies of beaut.ie for their sage wisdom, and have three last minute gifts that will get you back in the good books that aren't just flowers and chocolates. We have been informed that those are also good ideas, though. 

Emporio Armani

Prefume is a traditional Valentine's gift for a reason, and that reason is because it's a nice thing to give someone, provided it's not accompanied with a note about the recipient needing to make a concerted effort to smell better. Emporio Armani is on the ball this year with their Valentine's special offer however: buy any Emporio Armani fragrance (50 ml and above) and you get an Emporio Armani fragrances clutch. Double whammy! That's two gifts in one, and the offer applies to men's fragrances too, so you might as well double down and get yourself something while you're at it. We suggest Armani Code.

Body Shop 'Smoky Poppy' range

The Smoky Poppy range is a new ‘seductive and sophisticated’ line of The Body Shop products that’s been released just in time for the hottest night of the year, and not from a temperature standpoint either, if you catch our drift. We're talking about Valentine's Night. 

Poppies have a reputation for being a bit of an aphrodisiac, and the special ingredient in the new range is extract from hand-harvested poppies from Turkey to help boost the mood a little. There’s a nice gift set available containing the body butter, shower gel and a bath lily and it only costs €9.95 (wallet friendly) while there are also Lip and Cheek Velvet Sticks (there are five shades to choose from, all priced €15.95) a Shimmer Cube (of which there are two at €24.95 each) and Eau de Toilette that the ladies of beaut think looks like a bottle of Aldi cognac - and it’s priced like one too - at €13.95.

Lush Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Treats

Lush like to go all out when it comes to the special occasions, and this Valentine's Day they've got themselves a whole range of products that all have a romantic theme. Starting with a heart-shaped soap, of course, named Cupid’s Love soap (€5.50),which is extremely fruity in scent with an aroma of figs and passion fruit.   

There are no shortage of products for the bath too, like the Heart Throb bubbleroon (€4.50) and the jasmine scented Floating Flower (€4.50). No prizes for guessing which is which, but they both fizz a range of colours in to the bath too and there's nothing wrong with unwinding and having some 'me time' in a nice bath for the guys either if you fancy picking one up yourself. Add a glass of scotch and a cigar to man things up a bit if you want. 

There's also a Unicorn Horn bubble bar (€4.25) as if that weren't enough in the way of bath products, as well as the Prince Charming shower gel. As an aside, the prince charming shower gel smells great and seeing as it's named after a man we figure we can use it too.

It's time to go forth with ideas and get out of the hole you've managed to dig for yourselves. You're welcome.