Well that was fast.

E! News is reporting that Lamar Odom has abandoned the treatment facility he checked into not even a day ago, which he willingly entered after his arrest for driving under the influence last week. Following on from the news that Khloé Kardashian had no idea that Lamar had gone into rehab, it seems that he wasn't too keen on the world and the Kardashian clan at large knowing what he was up to and jumped ship.

According to HollywoodLife.com: 'Lamar checked into Robert Shapiro’s rehab center, Pickford Lofts, in West LA and pulled a AMA–Against Medical Advice. He left a day later. This is common for a lot of users entering rehab against their will,' the source adds. 'Lamar isn’t ready — he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. The only reason he checked in is because Robert Shapiro gave him an ultimatum: Check into my rehab and I will help you with your legal problems…but only if you check in.'

Lamar is said to still be in LA, although he's still flying under the radar and keeping his friends and family in the dark. 'We hope he’s all right but like Khloe and the rest of his family, [as far as we know] he’s a gone ghost,' another source told HollywoodLife. 'We're all worried.'

Khloé meanwhile had yet to comment publicly on this weeks drama, saying nothing and keeping up appearances by doing her usual things such as tweeting about her love of her hair and ow much she loves everyone for loving her.