When you come right down to it, 'A Star Is Born' is essentially 'Lady & The Tramp' with slightly better music.

Think about it. You've got the ingenue and the shaggy-haired veteran having a meet-cute, the relationship seems doomed but they're hopeful, and then there's the fact that the music from it far out-stripped anything to do with the movie itself.

Diarmuid O'Brien of Danger Farm clocked this, and that's why his mash-up of 'Lady & The Tramp' and 'A Star Is Born' works together so perfectly. You can watch it again and not even clock that he cut in a scene from 'A Star Is Born' at the end either.

'Lady & The Tramp' is the latest live-action Disney remake of their library, this time with Tessa Thompson playing Lady and Justin Theroux playing Tramp. In fact, there's even a bit of 'A Star Is Born' cross-over, as Sam Elliott is set to play Trusty in the live-action remake. Elliott played Jackson Mane's brother, Bobby, in 'A Star Is Born' and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Sadly, he doesn't feature in this mash-up, but it's too much of a coincidence not to mention it.

Take a look.