People really need to find better ways to spend their hard earned cash. Lady Gaga's fake fingernail has been auctioned for $12,000.

An enthusiastic fan of the 'Edge of Glory' hitmaker has laid claim to one of the intricately-designed false nails worn by the singer at the launch of her Fame perfume and during her 'Born This Way' ball tour last year after paying a five figure sum for the unique item.

Gaga, 27, adorned herself in black acrylic nails featuring detailed gold embellishments - which were designed exclusively for her by New York nail artist Aya Fukuda - last September, but the singer appeared to lose one of the nails while gyrating on stage in Dublin, Ireland and it was later picked up by an eagle-eyed stage hand after the concert, who promptly sold online.

In the official auction listing, the crew member explained: 'I noticed an object on the floor of the stage, which at first I thought was a guitar plectrum. When I picked it up, I saw it was an acrylic nail.'

It's not the first time one of Gaga's eager fans - who she affectionately calls her Little Monsters - has paid good money for a piece of the star.

In 2010, a Russian billionaire reportedly paid a cool $1 million to feature alongside the Grammy Award winner in her nine-minute 'Alejandro' music video.