Okay, I'm going to admit it. I don't 'get' Lady Gaga. I just don't see the appeal in someone who, let's face it, is a fairly average singer and frequently dresses up in garb that could be mistaken for bin-bags torn up by stray cats. The "outrageous" Gaga recently emerged from a radio interview in New York City wearing something that can only loosely be described as clothes. Her tights were seemingly pulled all the way up to her face, with a small hole cut into it so she could speak and, yes, breathe. Her hair was two-toned black and blonde and most of her upper half was adorned in leather, making her resemble a Batman villain gone wrong. Her lower half was essentially a pair of knickers, fishnet stockings and a completely translucent plastic skirt. I personally thought that the four-inch platforms were a touch too far...

Irish hat designer Philip Treacy has said that Gaga hopes to secure an internship with him. The designer recently designed the hat worn by Princess Beatrice at the Royal Wedding and Gaga was so impressed that she sent a security team to scope out the joint.

Lady Gaga doing an internship in Ireland? Will she be house-sharing in Rathmines, binge-drinking some Buckfast before heading out to score some youngfella in Coppers? Yes, we can only imagine so.

-John Balfe