According to her longtime mate and former co-performer Lady Starlight that's what's on the cards.

Gaga has been with The Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney since 2011, with himself appearing in her video for You and I in all sorts of weird Gaga-esque setups, and apparently now they're thinking of tying the knot once they both have some time off, and Gaga gets over her hip surgery. The pair are currently living together in Chicago while Kinney shoots TV series Chicago Fire, and Lady Starlight has let the cat out of the bag about when the two will have time to get hitched.

'She’s told me he’s the one and you know that instantly when you see them together. They were made for each other. At first I thought he was too hot to be cool but now I think he’s totally awesome. From all I’ve heard, I don’t think I’m dropping a secret by saying they are ready to get hitched this year.' she told The Sun. 'There’s a summer period when his shooting schedule will be clear and her concert and studio commitments will be minimal, so expect an announcement some time soon. She spends so much time in Chicago, because that’s where Taylor needs to be. So when she has time to be wherever she wants to be, she’ll be with him.'

Well if her video for You and I is any indication of what her wedding with Kinney is going to be like, you can expect all sorts of batsh*ittery. We can't wait.