Apologies in advance to all the Lady GaGa fans out there; I just don't get it. Here she is at London Fashion Week, opening a Michael Jackson themed show for Irish designer Philip Treacy (gewann the Irish). Channeling the baroque look that's been splashed across the glossies of late, from the neck down she's bang on trend (even if it still looks like an outfit pilfered from the wardrobe of Winifred Sanderson; Bette Midler's deranged witch in Hocus Pocus). However, as far as the headgear is concerned, it seems she's stuck her head inside some sort of Disney inspired beehive. "Well," she might have scoffed to her assistant, "this seemed like a good idea before I left the house but I hadn't considered the fact that it would render my mouth useless; that's the last time I take fashion advice from Batman's nemisis, Bane."

While I mightn't do it myself per se, I'm all for challenging sartorial frontiers and I know comfort often has to be compromised when achieving a certain 'look' but bloody hell this looks uncomfortable. She looks miserable too. Do you reckon Gaga gets home from these events and throws on a pair of unflattering grey Cantebury bottoms? Or is she more likely to stay true to her fashion convictions, lounging around her boudoir in a dressing gown strewn together from a few packs of Denny's rashers?

Here she is arriving at the same Philip Treacy show donned in what I can only describe as a family of dead ferrets. Cosy. Platform boots are a staple of GaGa's wardrobe; here she is even later that night looking less than delighted with life that yet again, towering over her minions while her feet get crushed beyond recognition in those shoes.

"Oh for f*ck sake, here I go, tripping up again. Hopefully these Mini Mouse ears will break my fall."

Having torn the arse out of her where style is concerned - but really, what do I know anyway - what I will give GaGa props for her affinity for Irish designers, putting our designing ability firmly on the world's fashion map. Obviously she's a philip Treacy fan, dubbing him "the greatest milliner in the world" at this very show, but she also sported young Irish designer Sorcha O'Raghallaigh's dress when on The Graham Norton Show. She's my friend's cousin too *plugplugplug*. And the latest? She's crediting our Jameson whiskey for inspiring her multi-platinum album Born This Way. At her latest Aviva gig, the star said "I have made so much of my music with Jameson. I'm not being paid a cent to advertise the whiskey... I should be. The whiskey has made my new songs."