Sofia Coppola's latest offering premiered in L.A. on Tuesday. It stars Stephen Dorf, funnily enough, as a "hard-living Hollywood actor re-examining his life after his 11-year-old daughter (played by this lady. Yep, she's playing an 11-year-old, which is fitting considering she's actually 12...) surprises him with a visit".

Coppola also enlisted the acting talents of Chris 'Party Boy' Pontius and the Playboy twins. Given the unprecedented transformation from blue haired RAWK fodder to this stunning vision of understated grace, I assume Juliette Lewis is playing some form of lead. No? Really?! Wow.

Those who also turned up just cause they fancied dollying themselves up for a trip to the cinema includeChloe Sevigny, Mena 'has anyone see where my fringe is at? I kind've need it' Suvari, a sasquatch, Michelle Monaghan, the bird from The Office, and Debi Mazar alongside her strangely mismatched husband. Her barely there dainty sandals just don't go with his 'It's 4am and I'm heading off to a underground gay club in Barcelona' look.

In fact, barely there footwear was all the rage - mainly among the fashion forward modelling types. Well, I'm assuming this one's a model cause the average body couldn't carry off this 'sexy clown homage to the wilting poppy' ensemble. One Angela Lindvall had herself hanging on by fairly sturdy threads, while Isabel Lucas's humped toes are clearly screaming out for something more substantial than a lone patent shoestring. Not pretty.