We really thought it was for keeps with this personal trainer fellah. The actors (Jamie Lomax, Jamie off Eastenders...) really didn't seem to be working out in general. 

Kym Marsh, who you will know better as mardy-faced Michelle off Corrie, was due to attend The BAFTAs with the rest of her co-stars (who won Best Continuing Drama), but she cancelled at the last minute citing illness. According to The Mirror, however, the 38-year-old had broken things off with her 32-year-old fiancee. Seemingly he left the family home pretty immediately. 

Back in December, the opted to declare their impending marriage via a full Glossy Mag shebang after approximately 8 months together. 

A source speaking to The Mirror said: "Kym and Dan have mutually decided to have a break.Their relationship has moved very quickly and both of them have very busy work lives which has unfortunately put pressure on them both. They are both very much hoping to work through what is a very difficult time for them and get their relationship back on track as soon as possible. Dan has moved out for the time being but they are in constant contact with each other. They’d reached a stage where they both needed some space but things are very amicable.  It’s a real shame because everyone who’s met Dan thinks he’s a fantastic bloke and has had a really positive impact on Kym’s life."

Would you believe the source had yet more to spill, you can read the rest of it here