'Cause that's the only way celebrities can put the world to rights nowadays.

Minogue has dismissed reports that her relationship with Spanish model Andres Velencoso was on the rocks (reports had claimed he'd dumped her 'cause she was too much of a drain on him; she didn't feel worthy of his hot, young body and insisted he wasn't paying her enough attention, bleh, blah, blurgh) - namely by letting herself be spotted walking hand-in-hand with him as the couple arrived in New York.

The singer, who celebrated her 42nd birthday on Friday, had previously tweeted: "Wowza... love life rumours have gone mad!!!! Please pay no attention peeps." Word, Kylie. Word.

A Mirror source said: "They were shocked when the story came out. The two couldn't be any closer. They were sincerely pissed off and couldn't work out where this story had come from."

Considering Kylie is currently in the throes of promoting her ELEVENTH album to date, she can probably look in the vicinity of her PR department.