Kylie Minogue said she has turned down the chance to appear on The X Factor as it's her sister 'Dannii's thing'. The 41-year-old pop princess recently launched her new album Aphrodite and said she was asked to replace her sister Dannii on the UK talent show this year when she goes on maternity leave, but turned it down. Speaking to The Daily Mirror, Kylie said "I was asked to do it, but there were two reasons why I said no. One was I had my album coming out, and two, because it's Dannii's thing. I would be stepping on her territory (is she a dog now??) and it would get too messy. You know that Kylie/Dannii thing again? It's her job"

She didn't stop there and continued with, "For two years, she had a really tough time. People were really nasty about her. There were times when she got really down, and then she turned it around. And throughout it all, she didn't change - and that's what I am so proud of. She can be direct and it can rub people up the wrong way. But she has a big heart. That's what people have started to love about her."

Ah, ain't that sweet, Kylie, *dabs eyes*

-Alicia Coyle