Awwwwkward. Kristen Stewart 'narrowly avoided' Liberty Ross at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this weekend. You'd think the odds would be in her favour considering there are 75,000 people in attendance, but no. When you're VIP, paths are bound to cross.

The 23-year-old was 'left red-faced' when she and boyfriend Robert Pattinson showed up to watch hip-hop act Jurassic 5 at the Californian music festival, only to discover the model - whose husband Rupert Sanders had an affair with Kristen last year - was standing nearby. An eyewitness told The Sun: 'Kristen has tried so hard to put everything from last year behind her - and she still feels incredibly guilty. She and Rob had turned a massive corner in recent months and they were both there to enjoy themselves. The last thing she wanted to do was make Liberty feel uncomfortable, either. She looked pretty upset in the backstage bar later on that evening.' Well KStew, if you're gonna make that bed (or rather unmake it), you gotta be prepared to lie in it. And it's also a bit rich for you to play the victim when you're the one whose relationship is still going where as Liberty Ross is now the one having to deal with a broken family.

Liberty, 34, filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years, Rupert, in January after his 'momentary indiscretion' with the 'Twilight' starlet. However, she appeared unconcerned by Kristen's close proximity at the festival and was accompanied by her new boyfriend, co-founder of Interscope Records and music bigwig, Jimmy Iovine and his mate Bono. Yeah that Bono. So she's doing alright for herself.

Meanwhile, RPatz was more preoccupied with meeting his musical idol Damon Albarn than his Kristen's drama, introducing himself to the Blur frontman backstage and chatting about British music over a couple of beers.