T'was only a matter of time before Kris Jenner got round to responding to Daniel Craig's comments about the Kardashians essentially being "f***ing idiots."

Her retort: "He's crossed a line. It's not made him look like the world's nicest guy." Nope, just amongst the world's most astute / blatantly fed up.

Jenner added: "The right thing for a real man to do now would be to issue a public apology ('cause everything must be done publicly in the world of Kris). The easy thing would be to criticise his career now, but our family won't stoop to that level."

Because Daniel earned his career and you don't want people pointing that out? True, he may not be the best actor in the world, but at least he's made a name through a profession, rather than capitalising on Daughter A being peed on during a sex tape. Or announcing Daughter B's pregnancy mid-way through the first trimester so it'll spin a positive light on the family brand after Daughter A's quickie divorce. And so on.