With the trial now scheduled to begin in May, Kris Humphries is apparently planning 'revenge' on Kim and the Kardashian clan following their 'sham' marriage.

One of Kris' family members spoke out to the press, and when we say spoke out, we mean full on bitched to The Sun about the K clan and how badly they think the whole thing went down. Kris' Uncle Mike said that Kris is out for 'a pound of flesh back', and that Kris Jenner is an evil genius who played Hump like a fiddle. It's not like it was that hard now really though. 'He wants to thump that mum - she uses people. I would dearly love for her to get thumped,' Mike declared. 'She's the mastermind. You can just see that's the brains making that thing go. The wicked part is she's using her family to make that thing. All of it's really due to her.' Nothing like promoting some violence against women now is there?

And none of this would have to do with the launch of their own counter-Kardashian reality show based on their 'hard-working lives' in Detroit 'Keeping Up With The Humphries' now would it? No? Pure coincidence? Of course.