We all know they're made of sterner stuff Down Under, but this koala has to take the Tim Tam.

Timberwolf was unnamed when he began his epic journey in Queensland where he was hit by a car and then proceeded to cling on underneath for 88km until the family in the car stopped for petrol and noticed their extra passenger. When he was admitted to Australia Zoo for care, they found that the only things wrong with him was a broken nail, for which he was given painkillers.

Staff at the zoo then named him 'Timberwolf' after their local football team and is recovering at the zoo which set up by famous animal lover and croc hunter Stephen Irwin. Australia Zoo vet Claude Lacasse told the AFP: 'It is absolutely amazing that he has such minor injuries and he survived. It is a truly remarkable story, he is a very lucky koala.'

Now all we need is Justin Timberlake to visit him and the internet can explode with a Timber-gasm.