What is it with Japan and their odd fascination with KitKats?

Recently, a Japanese restaurant announced it was serving KitKat Sandwiches - which, frankly, sounded disgusting. However, this might just take the chocolate-covered biscuit.

Nestle Japan have announced plans to release a limited-edition KitKat that's made out of edible gold. That's right - you can eat a gold-covered KitKat.

They're not cheap, however, with just one bar costing you approximately €14.00 and, of course, they're only available in Japan. Honestly, why? Why would anyone want this?

There's more. Nestle Japan are also making a SOLID GOLD KitKat made of 24-carat gold that's due to be raffled off before the end of the year. Don't try eating that one because you'll probably lose all your teeth.