In case you thought you might get any work done today, not to worry, you can now play Super Mario 64 in your browser instead.

Productivity is overrated, and you deserve to take a break for the next three or four hours to play Super Mario 64. "But how can I play it", we hear you ask, "if I didn't think to bring my mint condition N64 into work today?".

Not to fear, as game designer and blogger Erik Ross has you covered. He's managed to take Super Mario 64 and recreate it in your browser, and it's even in HD. The whole first level of the game is available on his blog and works with the Unity plugin. Don't worry, he explains how it all works, and he's even got a video as a demo of his work so far. 

Just load up a window with a spreadsheet in it so you can switch between the two and look like you're doing some work when your boss walks by. Sorted.

Via Mashable