Spin 1038 listener Megan McDermott was having the bants to to Ryan and Tracy on SPIN's Fully Charged this morning about bumping in to Jared and Matthew Followill from Kings of Leon in Ballsbridge yesterday. As one does.

Megan is a massive fan of Kings of Leon and after years of trying to meet/stalk the Followills at large, she couldn't believe her luck when she ran into them just up the road from her house. She clocked them scarfing lunch in Ballsbridge area (destination unconfirmed unfortunately) whereupon she was quick to sidle up to Jared.

Megan told Fully Charged: "I asked his bouncer if he’d mind taking the photo and he did! Jared was really nice. Himself and Matthew were absolute gentlemen! I wouldn’t say we are BFF’s but it’s been a long time coming. I’ve tried to meet them for ages, it was like a dream come true!"

And right on yisser own doorstep - how handy is that. So, people, peel those peepers cause a King of Leon could be grabbing brunch near you over the next few days considering they're playing Marlay Park this Friday, July 4th.

Hopefully the toilet situation in the 'Ladies' area won't be as hectic as it was at Arcade Fire on Sunday...