Turns out paying it forward really is the key to a better life, as new research has revealed that 79% of Irish people who performed simply acts of kindness felt happier as a result.

In research carried out by Amarach Research for Electric Ireland's Powering Kindness campaign, it turns out the good aul Irish mammy ranks as the kindest category of Irish person taking 67% of the poll. And the love is returned in kind, with people being most likely to be kinder to older Irish women than any other demographic. Well we do love our mammies it has to be said.

And the good news for Irish people continues, with over half of those surveyed being on the receiving end of an act of kindness in the last month and 89% performing one for someone else. And the science backs it up too, with Dr Maureen Gaffney from UCD saying kindness has a significant impact on the happiness and mood of individuals, and is a major part of the grammar of civil society, integral what we call ‘quality of life’ in Ireland.

‘When someone performs an act of kindness, it makes them feel good about themselves. Importantly it also gives them a sense of control, allowing them to feel that they can make a change to the lives of those around them. Both parties involved in the act of kindness benefit and the research really brings this to life.’

Finding yourself inspired to do a good deed yet? If you want to help make the word a bit of a better place, get involved in Electric Ireland's Powering Kindness Week at poweringkindness.ie. You'll never know the difference you could make.