Poor daughter of Rod, you had just the worst time as a child, didn't you. I'm not quite sure how you pulled through to have your own show on Living TV. Why don't you take a deep breath and tell us what your daddy used to do... "He'd turn up at the school gates driving a Lamborghini and wearing his infamous Leopard-Skin Trousers. Other kids would tease me and it left me feeling very vulnerable. It got to the point where I wouldn't tell anyone my dad was Rod Stewart. I'd ask him to pick me up down the block so people wouldn't recognise him. But that never worked. Everyone knew who he was." You're a brave little trooper to survive that, Kimberly. At least your father made it up to you somewhat by giving you a career as his daughter. Does rubbing your privileged life in your old classmates' faces make you feel better?! There ya go, ya gangly scamp *ruffles hair... stops when blinded by expanse of shiny forehead*