Kimberley Walsh doesn't want to be a pregnant bride. I don't blame her. She obviously feels like sh*t. That would be the main reason for not wanting to wed while pregnant because, frankly, the alternative is far trickier... we'll get to that shortly. 

The 32-year-old star is four months gone with her first child with her boyfriend of 10 years Justin Scott, and she's admitted that although she will marry him "eventually" it won't be before she gives birth. Speaking to new! magazine, she said: "I don't want to be a pregnant bride. It'll be after the baby, but there's no rush. It'll be when we feel ready." So, realistically, in about 2 to 5 years time (second child depending). Not to put any pressure on, or anything.

A fraction of me wants to contact her people to pass on the following message: "OK, if you do want to get married at all, are you sure you don't want to do it before the baby comes? True, you won't be able to get hammered at the reception, but 'drunk bride' is never a good look... Just want you to be sure because - after the baby comes - there will be A LOT more incidentals to consider. Namely who's going to look after them on the date in question? Will they vom/drool/poo all over your dress? How will you manage to stay awake for the duration of the entire day, never mind being conscious long enough to plan the whole bleedin' thing? Do you bring them on your honeymoon? Just a few things to consider. 

Quizzed on whether her mother would be present throughout the labour, Kimberley reckons Cheryl Cole will be charging into the delivery room before anyone else gets a chance: "I think it'll be a nice moment for Justin and me to share. He wasn't at the birth of his daughter so I think he deserves to have this moment on his own. But I'd like my mum to be at the hospital. Cheryl is more likely to want to be in the room than my mum! She said she's going to be at the hospital, but I told her she isn't coming into the delivery room."

Yeah, a CGI perfect Disney princess dabbing her eyes quietly is the last thing you'll want to be dealing with as you inadvertently make your very attractive "push face."