Kim Kardashian's visit to the Gulf Kingdom hasn't been universally welcomed by the natives, despite her tweeting "I just got to Bahrain! OMG can I move here please? Prettiest place on earth!" Why was she there? To "set the record straight" about something or other. But mainly she was paid a wedge to attend the launch of the region's first ever Millions of Milkshakes.

SKY News reports: "Protesters chanted 'God is Great' near the shopping complex in Riffa, some 20km south of the capital Manama, but the demonstrators were cleared before the celebrity appeared. The 32-year-old had previously posted glowing remarks about Bahrain on her Twitter account, calling it "the prettiest place on earth". The message was re-tweeted by Bahrain's foreign minister. Her trip had sparked anger among Islamist legislators earlier in the week. They submitted an urgent proposal at the end of a parliamentary session where they referred to her as 'an actress with an extremely bad reputation', according to the Gulf Daily News."

An 'actress', eh? They must have all seen her one 'movie' so. The choice of outfit she wore in Kuwait obviously helped also. To be fair, she did have her shoulders covered.

For those of you wondering if Kim is about to carve a career for herself as some kind of frozen beverage proffering UN ambassador, there's little chance of that: "Kardashian was embroiled in a controversy two weeks ago after she posted Tweets first praying for Israel and then Palestine - leading to a backlash from her fans. She later deleted the comments and issued a statement apologising for causing any offence."