It's obvious, isn't it? Kim's other app is earning her MILLIONS every quarter, so the only way to best that is to create a hub where people can post progress pictures of their posterior. 

The 34-year-old reality TV star is most famed for her curvaceous figure and it's been claimed that Kim is in the advanced stages of designing a workout app that will help her fans with toning up. It's also designed to encourage them to post photos of their own arses, because that's what the world's come to. 

A source close to the situation explained: "Kim is hard at work perfecting her latest tech project which will be workout and bum-based. She loves working out and keeping fit and is open about it being a struggle. She wants to share her tips as inspiration for others. But the app will also be cheeky (hur, hur) and fun. An idea is that subscribers will post pictures of their progress, including belfies of their bums getting more toned by the day." See, a one stop belfie hub for horny sorts. I know that's a very cynical view to be taking, but don't tell me it hasn't dawned on the powers that be. 

Kim is hoping to embrace the power of social media in order to make her app a success.

The source told The Sun: "She had her own workout DVD in 2009 long before her profile soared by marrying Kanye West so her team think linking fitness with social media is the perfect way to make this venture current and very Kim. If a huge star like Gwyneth Paltrow can get involved in the fitness market, then Kim thinks there's no shame."

Listen, joining the fitness market doesn't even rank in her top moments of shame.